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LDCI Energy is a versatile energy supplier, that connects key businesses, institutions, and communities to local and international oil and gas markets. We specialize in crude oil and refined petroleum products, providing a wide range of clients with end-to-end trading services and support. As a market leader, we work closely with stakeholders across the energy supply chain, from refineries and suppliers to logistics providers and traders to help our clients navigate an uncertain and ever-evolving global energy landscape.

Fuel your growth with tailored energy solutions, insights, and expert guidance.

About LDCI Energy

Company Profile

LDCI Energy is the business name of our company in the City of London that specializes, but not limited to oil and gas business sector as part of LDCI GROUP LTD. We broker and execute deals that match supply and demand for a range of crude oil and refined petroleum products, including gasoil, gasoline, fuel oil, naphtha, and jet fuel. We also trade lubricants under our brand name.

Our mission is to provide our clients with simple and efficient oil and gas transactions, ensuring a steady and consistent supply of energy that enables their operations and growth.

Our global reach, industry expertise, and wide network of partners and suppliers make us the preferred energy dealer worldwide for a prestigious client portfolio that comprises major trading houses, power utility companies, refineries, and multi-national oil conglomerates.

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LDCI Energy Vision

We envision a future where energy markets run at full efficiency, supplying governments, businesses, and communities with sustainable energy at affordable prices. We are committed to becoming an industry leader, setting a precedent of efficiency, safety, and sustainability in one of the world’s biggest energy markets. At LDCI Energy we want to create an ecosystem of suppliers, customers, government agencies, and local communities that works in unison towards a cleaner and more sustainable future powered by innovation in energy markets.


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Our Focus

We specialize in facilitating seamless transactions and providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.

We are focused on delivering top-notch trading services that span the entire oil and gas value chain. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and a global network of partners, we excel in sourcing, transporting, and distributing a wide range of energy commodities, ensuring efficient and reliable supply to diverse markets. 

At LDCI Energy, we are concentrating on the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry. we stay at the forefront of market trends, utilizing cutting-edge technology and robust analytics to make informed trading decisions.

Driven by a strong commitment to integrity, transparency, and responsible business practices, we prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients. We strive to foster a culture of trust and collaboration, ensuring that their unique requirements are met with unwavering dedication and personalized attention.

The LDCI  Advantage
At LDCI Energy, our partners and clients benefit from expert guidance and services provided by a knowledgeable and practical team with over 15 years of experience in global energy and oil trading. Our skilled staff and associates, from market analysts, traders, and administrators to marine operators, port agents, and storage handlers, cover all aspects of our service promise, ensuring that our clients have all their needs addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Core Values

We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions.

We keep our word, respect our people, and do not compromise on ethics.

We build relationships based on trust, commitment, and loyalty.

We don’t shy away from uncertainty. We anticipate, inspire, and embrace change.

We never stop learning and building on our knowledge. When we say we are experts, we mean it.

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